Inheritance Loans vs. Inheritance Cash Advances

During my years here at Inheritance Funding Company, I’ve heard thousands of clients ask about the difference between an Inheritance Cash Advance and an Inheritance Loan. While these terms often sound like the same thing, an Inheritance Cash Advance offers heirs many benefits that an Inheritance Loan does not.Inheritance Loans and Inheritance Advances

Advance Vs. Loan

1.The first benefit of a cash advance over a Loan is that there are never any monthly payments.  Once you receive your cash for inheritance, we work directly with the estate attorney and probate court to be repaid. As we all know, loans come with monthly payments that require you to make confusing payments each and every month yourself.

Probate Loans2. The second major benefit of Inheritance Cash Advances over traditional loans is there is no interest to pay. Instead of fluctuating interest rates that often appear one way and end up another, we use a very clear and competitive up-front fee. This amount is calculated and agreed upon with you before any contracts are ever signed.

3. The third benefit that sets an Inheritance Cash Advance apart from traditional loans is that credit score has no bearing whatsoever! Quite frankly, we don’t care about your credit rating. Our clients range from perfect credit, bad credit, and no credit and all in-between. Our guaranteed lowest price stays the same no matter what your credit score is!

As you can see, while “Inheritance Cash Advances” and “Inheritance Loans” sound like the same thing, our clients actually benefit much more from cash advances. Read just a few of the Testimonials we’ve gotten over the last 18 years and decide if an Inheritance Cash Advance is right for you. Contact us today for quick cash for your inheritance!

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