Texas Probate | Inheritance Advances in Texas

If you’re a first-time heir who’s about to come into some money, you probably have questions about how to collect your inheritance. At Inheritance Funding, we make skipping the probate process faster and easier than ever so you can acquire your cash without delays. We’re proud to be one of the leading cash advance companies in the U.S.

Texas Probate Process

Texas law states that when a citizen passes away, the Probate Courts must settle their estate. Probate is the legal process by which a decedent’s assets are issued to the appropriate heirs. Though it may sound simple, there’s much more to Texas probate than meets the eye.

This process is notoriously tedious and lengthy, meaning you won’t see your inheritance money for months, if not several years. The reasons for this extensive time frame are the many delays and complications that come with probate.

Is There a Way to Get Your Inheritance Faster in TX?

As the rightful heir to an inheritance, you should be able to use your money at your convenience. Fortunately, you can avoid the delays of Probate Court altogether with one fast and easy solution.

You can get a probate cash advance from Inheritance Funding to access a significant portion of your inheritance before probate ends. You’ll enjoy a smooth and stress-free process with us, where you’ll begin by discussing the specifics of your inheritance and how much money you want to collect. Next, we’ll give you some simple paperwork to complete before wiring cash to you as soon as the same day.

How Can I Get an Inheritance Advance?

If you’re a Texas heir, you’re eligible for a probate advance from IFC. We cover inheritors from across the state, including residents from the following counties:

  • Harris County
  • Dallas County
  • Travis County
  • Tarrant County
  • Bexar County
  • Hidalgo County
  • Collin County
  • El Paso County
  • Fort Bend County
  • Denton County
  • And more

Our Inheritance Advance Process in TX

We understand you’re eager to collect your cash and end the probate process. That’s why we’ve crafted a four-step method for sending you your inheritance money immediately. After you speak with one of our representatives in a free consultation, you’ll receive payment in as little as 24 hours.

You’re in excellent hands at IFC, where we treat our clients to many exciting benefits:

  • Easy online process: You can use your phone or computer to work through our cash advance process and get your money the same day.
  • Most affordable price: We’ll set you up with a low, competitive price that beats other offers.
  • Cash for your needs: Once you get your money, there are no strings attached — you can use it however you wish.
  • No pre-screenings: We won’t use your income, credit score, or employment history to determine if you get a cash advance.
  • No repayment obligation: We’re not a lender, so we won’t hold you responsible for repayment.
  • Zero hidden fees: We’ll never require extra payments or additional fees, and your advance won’t impact your fellow heirs.

Make Inheritance Easier With a Probate Advance From IFC

You can get a Texas probate advance faster than ever at Inheritance Funding. Over the past 25 years, we’ve advanced over $200 million to our clients, and we’re not stopping there.

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