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Process Of Probate in Tennessee

Tennessee Probate Process

Probate is a critical court process that verifies wills or determines estate representatives after a person passes. How probate works and when it’s necessary varies widely between states. In Tennessee, probate laws require court supervision for estates worth over $50,000 and those that include real estate.

During probate, the court appoints an executor to manage the estate and validate existing wills as an estate representative. The representative gathers and itemized assets and accounts. The representative also uses the estate’s assets and account funds to pay off all outstanding debts before distributing money to beneficiaries.

The court will authorize the distribution of the inheritance funds to the rightful heirs after the completion of all necessary steps. Heirs are unable to collect funds until after the probate process.

How Long Does Probate Take in Tennessee?

The probate process can begin any time after a person’s death — Tennessee does not penalize heirs who wait to start the process. The key problem with Tennessee’s probate process is that it takes an extremely long time from start to finish. On par with the national average, probate takes a full year and a half to finally distribute the inheritance money to the heirs. Delays in the legal proceedings can cause the process to take even longer, with some estates taking three years or more to settle before heirs can receive their inheritances.

While probate is in process, heirs are not able to access the money their loved ones wanted them to have. Having a rightful inheritance blocked for years by a legal process can prove very frustrating, so many heirs look for alternative ways to receive their inheritances without the probate process.

What Happens If There Is No Will?

The estate of a person who dies intestate, meaning they have no valid will when they die, will pass to their listed beneficiaries. In lieu of listed beneficiaries, equal shares of the estate will pass to the person’s children and spouse, but the spouse will collect at least 1/3 of the estate. Grandchildren will receive the inheritance if their parents have died. If the deceased person does not have children or a surviving spouse, the estate will pass to the next person succession, according to the following priority:

  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • The next closest relative

How to Avoid the Probate Process In Tennessee

The first way to avoid probate is by having a plan for one’s estate when they pass. Putting an estate into a living trust with listed beneficiaries will bypass probate. Other accounts exempt from probate include bank, investment and retirement accounts.

Another way to avoid probate is by requesting either a cash advance or a probate loan.

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