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Wisconsin’s probate process is confusing and often leaves heirs wondering when they’ll receive their inheritance. The probate court process is longer and more frustrating than many heirs expect. That’s why Inheritance Funding strives to simplify probate by helping inheritors get their money without delays. Get in touch to learn how much you can receive through our inheritance advance process.

Is Probate Required in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, probate is required for most estates worth $50,000 or more, even if the decedent had a will. The court may intervene if anyone disputes the distribution of assets, regardless of estate value.

There are some other instances in which probate is unnecessary in Wisconsin. For example, you won’t need to enter the probate process for assets listed in a living trust document. Similarly, insurance payouts are not subject to probate.

How Long Does the Wisconsin Probate Process Take?

The time it takes to complete the probate process varies, but you can expect to spend at least a few months to a year handling it. Dispersing a decedent’s belongings and assets to the appropriate parties, their heirs, takes time. Numerous complications can arise, so probate can sometimes take multiple years. All the while, your inheritance will remain in an account you cannot access.

How Do You Avoid Probate in Wisconsin?

The complexity and duration of Wisconsin’s probate process surprise many heirs. There are numerous precise steps to take before collecting your inheritance, which can become frustrating when you know the money is rightfully yours. Even if you need the money urgently, you’ll still have to follow the state’s cumbersome procedures.

If you wish you could skip the probate process and collect your inheritance right away, you’re in good company. Fortunately, it’s possible to bypass the probate courts by trading a portion of your inheritance for a cash advance.

probate cash advance will allow you to collect your inheritance money before the estate closes.

You can forgo Wisconsin’s probate process with an inheritance advance from IFC. We’ve accessed hundreds of millions in cash advances for our heirs across all 50 states, and we want to do the same for you.

With IFC, you enter a smooth and simple inheritance process that connects you with your rightful inheritance fast. We’ll ask you for some details regarding your inheritance, including the amount of money you want to collect. Then, our staff will help you complete some straightforward paperwork and wire your money to you as soon as that same day.

When You Have to File Probate in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin does not have a law dictating how soon you must file for probate after a person’s passing. However, most parts of the state require that the estate be closed within 18 months. Some Wisconsin counties require the probate process to be complete within 12 months.

What Happens If Someone Dies Without a Will in Wisconsin?

Assets fall to the closest living relative if there is no will or living trust. These are the most common resolutions to situations where there is no will:

  • There are children but no spouse: The children receive the estate.
  • There is a spouse but no children: The spouse gets the estate.
  • There is a spouse and children: The spouse receives the estate.
  • There is a spouse but at least one child who is not a descendant of that spouse: The spouse inherits half of the separate property, while the children inherit the deceased’s share of the community property and half of the separate property.
  • The only surviving relatives are the parents: The parent or parents receive the estate.
  • The only surviving relatives are siblings: The sibling or siblings receive the estate.

Does Wisconsin Have an Inheritance or Estate Tax?

There is no estate tax in Wisconsin. The federal estate tax applies to those valued at $12.06 million or more.

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