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Wisconsin Probate Process

If you’re in line to receive an inheritance but don’t know how Wisconsin probate works, you’re not alone. The Probate Court process can be long and frustrating for many heirs. That’s why Inheritance Funding makes probate easy by helping inheritors get their money without delays.

How Long Does the Wisconsin Probate Process Take?

After a Wisconsin resident passes away, the Probate Courts are required to settle their estate through probate. This legal process involves dispersing a decedent’s belongings and assets to the appropriate parties, or heirs. Typically, probate ranges from several months to multiple years due to the many complications involved in the process. These setbacks hinder heirs from collecting their inheritance money until long after probate begins.

Can I Get My Money Before Probate Is Over?

Most heirs feel shocked and betrayed at probate’s length and complexity, especially if they need their money urgently. If this describes you, there is one way you can avoid Wisconsin’s probate process completely and access your inheritance now.

Probate cash advances allow you to collect your inheritance money immediately rather than waiting for the estate to close. Inheritance Funding employs a smooth and simple inheritance process for Wisconsin clients, where we’ll ask you for some details regarding your inheritance, including the amount of money you want to collect. Then, our staff will help you complete some straightforward paperwork and wire your money to you within the same day.

Are There Limits to Where I Can Get a Probate Advance in WI?

If you’re interested in receiving a Wisconsin probate advance, IFC is your solution. We offer coverage for heirs across every county, including:

  • Milwaukee County
  • Dane County
  • Waukesha County
  • Winnebago County
  • Brown County
  • Racine County
  • Outagamie County
  • Kenosha County
  • Marathon County
  • Rock County
  • And more

Get Your Wisconsin Cash Advance From IFC

We’ll help you collect cash from your inheritance without waiting for probate to end with our efficient four-step inheritance advance process. IFC will set you up with a free appointment with one of our friendly consultants and send you your money right away, without delay.

We’ve developed a reputation as one of the most trusted and respected probate advance companies in the industry since 1992 by offering many benefits to our customers:

  • Instant inheritance: You can walk through our online process via your laptop or mobile phone in as little as 24 hours.
  • Money for what you need: Once you receive your inheritance, you can spend it however you please with no restrictions.
  • No additional costs or payments: We won’t require monthly installments, charge hidden fees or affect other inheritors in your estate.
  • Lowest industry prices: We’ll challenge any confirmed offers from other companies to get you the best inheritance advance rate available.
  • Non-recourse services: Unlike with a loan, we won’t hold you responsible for paying us back for our services.
  • No dependency on credit or income: We won’t look at your credit score, employment history or income to determine your probate advance.

Get an Inheritance Advance in Wisconsin Through IFC Today

You can forgo Wisconsin’s probate process with an inheritance advance from IFC. We’ve accessed over $200 million in cash advances for our heirs across all 50 states, and we want to do the same for you.

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