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Probate Process in Arkansas

When someone passes away in Arkansas, the probate courts are in charge of overseeing the inheritance process. There are 28 Arkansas probate courts spread throughout the state; one for each “circuit.” The purpose of the Arkansas probate process is to collect all assets and belongings into a formal estate, determine who is to receive what and finally distribute the estate to the correct heirs. With a few exceptions, all estates must complete the formal process of probate in Arkansas before heirs to the estate can receive their rightful inheritance.

Delays To Your Inheritance In Arkansas

Unfortunately, hefty delays are impossible to avoid during probate in Arkansas. Nationwide, the probate process takes nearly a year and a half on average to complete and there is no indication that the Arkansas probate process is any different. Most heirs can hardly believe it when they are told they won’t be able to access their inheritance for 1, 2, even 3 years in many cases.

Access Your Inheritance In Arkansas Immediately

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