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At Inheritance Funding, we believe every heir should be able to use their inheritance money when they need it. That’s why we’ll help you skip Utah’s probate process and collect your cash without the wait. We have the reputation and experience you can rely on for fast and efficient inheritance access.

Is Probate Required in Utah?

According to Utah probate laws, you must enter probate if your estate includes property such as land, a house or mineral rights of any value or if the estate has assets with a net worth of more than $100,000. What most heirs don’t know is that probate court proceedings in Utah often feature multiple holdups and delays, making the process complicated and slow-moving.

How Do You Avoid Probate in Utah?

The best way to avoid probate is to place an estate in a revocable living trust. With this trust, the estate’s owner maintains control, and the beneficiary receives the trust assets in the event of their death without the need for probate.In some situations, you may not be able to avoid probate entirely, but you can keep some assets out of the probate process. For example, if a joint asset owner dies, the other person receives total ownership. Named beneficiaries on bank accounts, investment and retirement accounts can also inherit without probate.

How Long Does Probate Take in Utah?

The Utah Code allows heirs to file for probate up to three years after death. If you file after three years, you must complete a special probate process.

If there are no disagreements or problems with your probate suit, it can take four to five months to settle your probate case. Larger estates or suits in which issues arise can take longer to resolve, and it can often take over a year to completely settle a probate case, especially if there are objections.

What Happens If Someone Dies Without a Will in Utah?

If someone dies without a will in Utah, their assets will go to their closest living relatives under intestate succession law. Generally, the distribution of assets will depend on whether the deceased has living parents, a spouse or children. For example, a spouse inherits everything if the deceased has children with the spouse or has no children.

Is Inheritance Taxable in Utah?

Utah does not have an inheritance tax. However, heirs must pay a federal estate tax if the estate is worth more than $12.06 million. If you inherit while living in another state, you may have to pay inheritance taxes based on your state’s inheritance laws.

Receive a Fast Probate Advance in Utah

You can trust IFC to get you your probate advance fast, no matter where you live. We provide coverage throughout Utah, including:

  • Utah County
  • Weber County
  • Salt Lake County
  • Davis County
  • Cache County
  • Box Elder County
  • Washington County
  • Tooele County
  • Iron County
  • Uintah County

Our Utah Probate Advance Process

Utah’s Probate Court can be inconvenient and time-consuming as you wait to receive inheritance money that is rightfully yours. Luckily, there are ways you can get your inheritance faster without waiting for the probate process. At Inheritance Funding, we offer probate cash advances to enable heirs to collect a portion of their inheritance immediately. We pride ourselves on our quick and easy cash-advance process and begin by asking you for basic information about the estate and how much cash you would like to receive upfront. Our team can also assist with completing all necessary paperwork and sending your funds right away.

With Inheritance Funding, you can use your inheritance money however and whenever you wish. We are a trusted leader in providing inheritance advances and constantly rise above the competition with benefits such as:

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  • No need for repayment: We provide probate advances, not loans. That means you’ll never be in charge of repayment.
  • Money with no strings: You can use your inheritance money however you choose with no strings attached.
  • Fast and intuitive process: You can complete our inheritance process from the convenience of your mobile device in as little as one day.
  • Cash without an employment history or credit check: We’ll never use your income, employment history or credit score against you.
  • Zero payments or surprise fees: IFC will never surprise you with hidden expenses or fees, and our services do not impact other heirs from the estate.

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