Virginia Probate | Inheritance Advances in Virginia

Most heirs are left in the dark about the specifics of Probate Court and how long it typically takes. As an industry leader in probate cash advances, Inheritance Funding can help you collect your cash without going through the complexity of probate.

The Probate Process in Virginia

According to Virginia’s state laws, an individual’s estate must be settled through Probate Court after they pass away. Probate involves legally allocating a decedent’s assets to their respective inheritors. As basic as this procedure may seem, it’s actually exceedingly complex, suffering many delays and setbacks. These holdups can cause the probate process to take multiple months or even several years to complete, preventing heirs from using their inheritance until after the estate is finally settled.

How to Get Your Inheritance Money Fast in VA

If you’re shocked and frustrated to hear how long the Virginia probate process can take, you’re one of many heirs who feels this way. After all, the law should help you access your inheritance, not block you from it. Luckily, there’s a simple solution to getting your money fast.

By using a probate cash advance, you can access a large cut of your cash without waiting on the Probate Courts to wrap up the procedure. At IFC, we’ll treat you to smooth and painless access to your inheritance with our Virginia probate advance process. We’ll begin by requesting some information about your share of the estate and how much cash you wish to access. Then, we’ll walk you through a few simple forms before sending you your inheritance money as soon as the same day.

Where Can I Get an Inheritance Advance in Virginia?

For Virginia heirs who are in line for an inheritance, IFC offers coverage all across the state. Some of the many counties we service with probate advances include:

  • Fairfax County
  • Prince William County
  • Loudoun County
  • Henrico County
  • Chesterfield County
  • Norfolk County
  • Virginia Beach County
  • Chesapeake County
  • Richmond County
  • Arlington County

The Virginia Probate Advance Process at IFC

At Inheritance Funding, we’ve created a way for you to access your inheritance without going through the exhaustion of Virginia’s probate process. Our effortless four-step method begins with a free appointment with one of our friendly staff members and concludes with instant payout within a day.

We maintain our positive reputation with our customers by providing them with the best benefits in the industry:

  • No need for repayment: Our probate advances are not loans, which means you won’t be accountable for paying us back.
  • Zero additional charges or recurring payments: You’ll only pay what we charge you upfront, with no surprise expenses or impact on other heirs from the estate.
  • Immediate inheritance: You can complete our process via your mobile device or computer to access your cash in less than a day.
  • No reliance on credit or income: We don’t consider your employment history, credit rating or income when providing cash advances.
  • Competitive prices: We’ll offer you the lowest rate, no matter what competitors are offering.
  • Money without limits: You can use your inheritance money however you please, no ifs, ands or buts.

Avoid the Hold Up From Virginia Probate Court With IFC

You can skip the Virginia probate process and collect your inheritance immediately with probate advances from Inheritance Funding. We’ve spent over 25 years serving heirs from all over the country.

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