Minnesota Probate | Inheritance Advances in Minnesota

Probate Process In Minnesota

When a loved one dies, it can be overwhelming to understand your state’s laws and regulations for inheritance. The probate process ensures a legal transfer of a person’s estate to their heirs after death. If you’re unsure how to approach probate in Minnesota courts, we can help you identify your options.

The probate process in Minnesota is generally similar to that of other states. When a Minnesota resident leaves behind an estate, the probate courts are tasked with appraising and distributing all assets. In their will, your loved one named an executor who must work with the court to ensure all debts are paid and verify the will. Once the executor completes the process following Minnesota probate laws, the court allows all belongings within the estate to go to the rightful heirs.

Is Probate Required in Minnesota?

Probate is required in Minnesota depending on the types of assets the deceased owned. If the estate is worth less than $75,000 and doesn’t include real estate, you can typically go through an informal probate process. Informal probate requires no court hearing, whereas formal probate involves a more complex procedure. To claim your rightful assets, you must file probate in Minnesota within three years of the person’s death.

If your loved one died without a will in Minnesota, you’re still required to file probate. However, the assets will be managed by your state-appointed representative in a process called intestate succession. Minnesota probate laws allow your executor to distribute assets according to the state’s intestate regulations.

Does Minnesota Have an Inheritance or Estate Tax?

There are additional regulations concerning your loved one’s estate within the Minnesota probate process. Depending on your relationship to the deceased, there may be an applied inheritance tax. Although spouses never pay estate tax, transferring money to anyone else may require that heir to. In Minnesota, estates over $2,700,000 will be subject to an estate tax when transferred. Any estate worth more than $12.06 million will also require a federal estate tax.

Spouses in Minnesota Inheritance Law

As the deceased’s spouse, you may have questions about your place within the probate process. In Minnesota, you are the default heir to all assets if your loved one didn’t have a valid will. If you have children together or the deceased has children from another marriage, the estate may be shared.

How Long Does Probate Take in Minnesota?

The key problem with the probate process in Minnesota is that it takes an extremely long time from start to finish. While probate is in process, heirs cannot access the money their loved one wanted them to have. For many people, it can take at least six months just to process the claim, while large estates could take over a year.

Once the probate process is underway, most heirs won’t receive their inheritance money for another year and a half. The probate process can be frustrating if you’re left to wait for years, so we’ve created a system to help you advance your inheritance.

How to Avoid Probate in Minnesota

If your loved one put their assets into a revocable living trust or listed beneficiaries for certain accounts in their will, you may be able to avoid probate. However, certain types of property will always require probate. To ensure you get your rightful inheritance in a timely fashion, IFC offers probate advances.

With a Minnesota inheritance advance from IFC, you can access the money your loved one meant for you to have right away. The process is fast and easy and you decide how much of your inheritance you’d like to receive immediately. Whether you have bills to pay, car payments to make, home improvements, vacation plans, etc. — the money is yours to use however you’d like. And unlike for a loan, you aren’t responsible for repayment.

Access Your Minnesota Inheritance Immediately

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