Zero Hidden Fees

If you have an inheritance but are still going through the lengthy probate process, it’s possible for you to receive an advance on your inheritance. Typically, the process averages a year and a half before heirs can receive what’s rightfully theirs. With an inheritance advance, you don’t have to wait.

At Inheritance Funding Company (IFC), we offer inheritance advances to heirs, including estate executors, at some of the most transparent, competitive fixed rates in the industry.

Take Advantage of Zero Hidden Fees

When dealing with the banking industry, you can expect there to be some hidden fees involved. From data processing fees to credit reporting fees, there are all kinds of financial service fees you may not be prepared for. All these hidden fees can also make it difficult to know exactly how much you’ll end up paying after borrowing a sum of money.

At IFC, we’ve cut all these fees out. Unlike lenders, we won’t surprise you with any hidden fees or additional expenses. There are no monthly payments or interest rates involved with your inheritance advance. Instead, we’ll offer you a fixed fee based on factors like the complexity of the estate, length of time until the estate closes and size of the inheritance advance.

No matter what, you can count on us to provide you with the lowest price possible.

Discover a Superior Cash Advance Experience

Inheritance Funding’s inheritance advances are superior to loans in several ways. Along with no hidden fees on our inheritance advances, credit is also not an issue. Whether you don’t know your credit score or don’t have enough credit to borrow the amount of money you need, you can still receive a portion of your inheritance — even if you have had defaults or bankruptcies.

Obtaining an advance won’t affect your credit. There will be nothing on your credit history that shows you took out an inheritance advance. Unlike loans, you won’t have any limitations on what you can use the money for, either.

Receive a Fast Cash Advance on Your Inheritance

IFC has been providing fast cash advances since 1992, and we have the experience you need. To help you learn more, we offer a free consultation. If you decide an inheritance advance is right for you, we’ll walk you through each step of the straightforward paperwork. You’ll then receive your cash advance — possibly even on the same day.

Simply fill out our form to receive your free, no obligation quote today.