Alabama Probate | Alabama Inheritance Advances

After losing a loved one, you deserve a fast, painless inheritance process. We can help you avoid the complexity of the Probate Court and access your money exactly when you need it.

The Alabama Probate Process

If a loved one passes away and identifies you as an heir to their inheritance, you’re required to go through Alabama probate to get that money. Probate is the process of allocating an individual’s assets to the appropriate people after their death.

Most heirs go into Probate Court unaware of how long and complicated the inheritance process actually is. Probate in Alabama is subject to many delays that prevent you from getting your money. Unfortunately, you can’t access your share until the estate is settled — and that process can take months or years to complete.

Can You Acess Your Money Before Probate Court Is Over?

It’s normal to feel surprised and overwhelmed at the length of the probate process, especially if you need your inheritance money for a specific purpose. Luckily, there’s a way to skip the Probate Court proceedings completely and access your cash fast.

With a probate cash advance, you can get your money instantly without waiting on Alabama probate. At IFC, we can set you up with a probate advance fast so you can use your money how and when you want to. We start by requesting some standard information regarding your inheritance, along with how much money you want to access right now. Then, you’ll fill out some simple paperwork before receiving your cash that same day.

Where Can You Get a Probate Advance in Alabama?

If you live in Alabama and need a probate advance, IFC has you covered. We serve heirs from counties all across the state, including:

  • Jefferson County
  • Madison County
  • Mobile County
  • Shelby County
  • Montgomery County
  • Baldwin County
  • Lee County
  • Tuscaloosa County
  • Morgan County
  • Calhoun County
  • & all other counties!

Our Alabama Inheritance Advance Process

We’ll help you access your inheritance without relying on the Probate Court with our fast, simple four-step cash advance process. After your free consultation, we’ll get you your cash within 24 hours.

As an industry leader in probate cash advances, we always set ourselves apart from other companies by offering exclusive benefits:

  • Money for all your needs: You can spend or save your money as you see fit.
  • Lowest price guaranteed: We’ll go above and beyond any competitor offers to get you the best price.
  • No risk of non-payment: Unlike lenders, we never hold you responsible for repayment.
  • Zero hidden fees or monthly payments: You’ll never have to pay extra expenses. Plus, our services will never affect other heirs in the estate.
  • No income or credit requirements: We’ll never deny you based on your income, employment history or credit score.
  • The ability to use your inheritance today: Once you complete our process from your mobile device, we’ll send your inheritance right away. It’s that easy.

Get Your Probate Advance in Alabama With IFC

For a fast, stress-free inheritance process, choose Inheritance Funding. As the largest and oldest company in our industry, we’re the experts you can trust. Contact us to schedule your free consultation today!