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Probate Process In New Hampshire

Though it can be a complex process, probate in New Hampshire is a state requirement to claim your inheritance when a loved one dies. After they’ve passed, your loved one’s belongings and personal accounts are considered their estate. New Hampshire probate laws assert that the estate becomes the state court’s property until you probate it. Once you complete probate and pay off all debts, your loved one’s inheritance is distributed.

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Is Probate Required in New Hampshire?

Though probate is required in New Hampshire, some rules and regulations can work to your advantage. Probate can be a long ordeal, but some heirs may not have to complete the formal process. Many New Hampshire residents apply for a summary administration, a simplified version of probate that requires less court supervision. To qualify, the estate must have no outstanding debts or unresolved claims. Applicants must wait six months after opening a case to file for a summary administration.

Probate may look different for every family, depending on whether their loved one left a valid will. If someone dies without a will in New Hampshire, their surviving family must file a petition for estate administration, which leaves the court in charge of asset distribution. New Hampshire probate court rules allow one personal representative to assist their efforts. This person is usually the spouse or adult child of the deceased.

What to Expect From the New Hampshire Probate Process

When a loved one dies, you have 30 days to file their will to be verified by the New Hampshire probate court. You don’t have to file probate at this time, as there is no official deadline for the process.

As you continue through court proceedings, you won’t have to worry about an inheritance or estate tax in New Hampshire. However, if your inheritance exceeds $12.06 million, you’ll owe a federal estate tax on the overage.

New Hampshire probate laws include specific provisions for your inheritance if your spouse passed without a valid will. Depending on your spouse’s other surviving heirs, your inheritance may differ. Regardless of children or parents, spouses are typically guaranteed the majority, if not all, of the inheritance.

How Long Does Probate Take in New Hampshire?

In New Hampshire, probate can take at least six months to allow creditors to file claims against the estate. On average, the probate process can take up to a year and a half. During the NH probate process, heirs are not able to access the money their loved ones wanted them to have. Having a rightful inheritance blocked for years by a legal process can prove very frustrating.

How Do You Avoid Probate in New Hampshire?

The best way to avoid probate entirely is to plan for it before your loved one passes. When assets are kept in certain accounts, they can transfer immediately to the heir. Transfer on Death (TOD) accounts, joint ownership accounts, revocable living trusts or accounts with established beneficiaries are great options for probate-proofing your assets.

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