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The Probate Process In Massachusetts

If you’re unfamiliar with Massachusetts’ probate process, you’re part of the majority — most first-time heirs are in the dark about how their inheritance works. That’s why Inheritance Funding strives to shed light on inheritance and help you access your money without the complications of probate. We’re proud to be the most trusted cash advance company since 1992.

What You Need to Know About the Massachusetts Probate Process

In Massachusetts, all estates must go through the Probate Courts after an individual passes away. From there, you’ll engage in a legal process called probate, where the decedent’s belongings are legally distributed to the appropriate inheritors. Even with a will, the probate process is exceedingly complicated and drawn-out, taking anywhere from a few months to multiple years to complete. Unfortunately, you cannot access your inheritance money until after the estate is fully settled.

Is There a Way to Access My Inheritance Money in MA Instantly?

If you find Massachusetts probate to be frustrating and unfair, you’re right. You shouldn’t be blocked off from an inheritance that legally belongs to you. Fortunately, an exception to the rule allows you to collect your cash before probate ends.

At IFC, we offer probate cash advances that enable heirs to access their inheritance money before the Probate Courts finish settling the estate. Our Massachusetts probate advance process is simple — you’ll start by relaying some basic information about your inheritance to one of our friendly associates and denote how much money you want to collect. Then, you’ll complete some simple paperwork and wait for your money to transfer within the same day.

Are There Limits to Where I Can Get a Massachusetts Probate Advance?

If you live in Massachusetts and are about to inherit money from an estate, we’re here to help. We assist residents from every county, including:

  • Middlesex County
  • Essex County
  • Worcester County
  • Suffolk County
  • Norfolk County
  • Bristol County
  • Hampden County
  • Plymouth County
  • Barnstable County
  • Hampshire County
  • & ALL other counties!

The IFC Inheritance Advance Process in MA

You can streamline the inheritance process when you choose IFC as your go-to probate advance provider in Massachusetts. Our four-step approach has been proven to help heirs get the cash they need faster than ever, starting with a free meeting with our helpful staff and ending with money in their pocket in under 24 hours.

We care about our customers. That’s why we make getting your inheritance money as stress-free as possible with these benefits:

  • Quick and easy process: You can use your phone or computer to work through our online process and obtain your money today.
  • No financial requirements: We’ll never reject you based on your credit score, employment history or income.
  • Risk-free service: Because we offer cash advances and not loans, we won’t put you in charge of repayment.
  • One fixed fee: We’ll charge a fixed rate for your inheritance advance that never includes hidden fees or monthly payments. Plus, we’ll never affect other inheritors from the estate.
  • Lowest price guarantee: We ensure you’ll get the most affordable rate available.
  • Money without constraints: After you get your cash, you can use it however you see fit.

Skip Massachusetts Probate With a Cash Advance From IFC

Accessing your inheritance money is simple with Massachusetts probate advances from IFC. We’ve served heirs in all 50 states for over 25 years, and we’re not stopping there.

Get a free quote from us today!