Colorado Probate | Inheritance Advances in Colorado

No heir should have to go through the frustration of the Probate Court, especially after losing a loved one. With Inheritance Funding, you won’t have to wait to pocket your inheritance money, meaning you can use it when you need it. We’ve been a trusted probate advance provider for over two decades, making us your reliable inheritance solution.

How Long Is the Colorado Probate Process?

When someone passes away in Colorado, their designated heirs must go through the Probate Court to settle the estate and distribute all assets through a process called probate. Probate may seem straightforward, but this procedure is anything but smooth sailing. The Colorado probate process is long and complicated and includes hindrances that can push things back a few months to multiple years. These delays make it impossible for inheritors to access their money promptly.

Is There a Faster Way to Get My Inheritance Money in Colorado?

Heirs are always shocked at the complexity of probate and the setbacks that come with it — most inheritors expect to collect their cash fast, and why wouldn’t they? Your inheritance legally belongs to you. What people don’t realize is that there is a sure-fire solution for getting your money immediately.

With a probate advance, you can access a significant portion of your inheritance without the wait. At IFC, we’ve perfected the cash advance process, making it as simple and straightforward as possible. To start, you’ll provide us with some details regarding your inheritance and how much cash you need right away. Then, you’ll fill out some quick forms, and your part is over. We’ll wire your money to you right away so you can use your inheritance instantly.

How Can I Get My Inheritance Early?

At Inheritance Funding, our reach extends to heirs throughout Colorado and beyond. You may qualify for a probate advance no matter what county you live in. Some areas we cover include:

  • Denver County
  • Arapahoe County
  • Adams County
  • El Paso County
  • Jefferson County
  • Larimer County
  • Douglas County
  • Weld County
  • Boulder County
  • Pueblo County
  • & ALL other counties!

Our Colorado Inheritance Advance Process

IFC is here to serve you, helping you avoid the tediousness of the Probate Courts and collect your inheritance fast. After you join us for your free initial consultation, we’ll walk you through our easy four-point process before sending you cash that same day.

We do our best to provide heirs like you with the most reliable inheritance advance services in Colorado, offering many exclusive advantages you can’t get anywhere else:

  • Lowest prices: If you’ve received offers from another company, we’ll give you an even lower rate.
  • Money without limits: You can use your money however you want with no strings attached.
  • Cash without credit checks: We’ll never use your employment history, income or credit score to deny you an advance.
  • Fast and convenient process: You can get your money in as little as a day using your mobile device.
  • Zero hidden expenses: We’ll never spring unexpected fees on you, and our services won’t affect other inheritors from the estate.
  • No repayment required: We aren’t a loan service, which means you won’t be responsible for repayment.

Avoid Probate Court With Inheritance Funding Company

With a probate advance from IFC, you don’t have to wait for probate to end. We make the inheritance process easy with low rates, fast payment and high satisfaction for heirs nationwide.

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