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Probate Process in Delaware

In Delaware, the governing body that oversees the transfer of assets from a deceased person to the heirs is the Delaware Probate court. Probate in Delaware serves a vital role in that it methodically collects all assets together into a single estate, takes care of all outstanding debts that were left unpaid, identifies the legal heirs, and ensures the heirs receive what is fair under the law.

Delays To Your Inheritance In Delaware

Delays are everywhere in the Delaware probate process. Most heirs assume the inheritance process lasts just a few months, especially if there is a will. This couldn’t be further from the truth. According to a national AARP report on the Probate process, the average estate is open for 17 months by the time it actually closes and pays out to the rightful heirs; that’s basically a year and a half of legal procedure holding the money your loved ones wanted you to have.

Access Your Inheritance In Delaware Immediately

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