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Probate Process In Washington

The Washington probate process serves a vital purpose. When a resident of Washington dies, the Washington probate courts oversee the distribution of all assets and belongings left behind. They first appoint a representative to be in charge of the estate, collect and itemize all assets and monetary accounts, ensure they pay outstanding debts and determine the validity of any existing wills. Finally, when you complete all steps to the court’s satisfaction, they authorize the distribution of inheritance funds to the rightful heirs.

Is Probate Required in Washington?

Washington state probate law does require heirs to enter the probate process to settle most estates. There are two main methods for avoiding probate in Washington state.

The first is if the estate qualifies as a small or simple estate in which the total value is less than $100,000. Under the simplified probate, any person inheriting the estate must prepare an affidavit stating they will receive certain assets.

The second method applies to solvent estates. It enables the personal representative to distribute the estate’s assets and heirs without supervision from the probate court. An estate can also enter this simplified process if the court determines that this process is in the best interest of the estate’s creditors and beneficiaries.

How Long Does Probate Take in Washington?

The main issue associated with the probate process in Washington state is that heirs cannot access the money left by their loved ones while the estate is in probate. The probate timeline depends on the estate size, asset value and any disputes that arise during the process.

If an estate is small or has few beneficiaries, the process may take a couple of months. During this process, there must be enough time to notify heirs and creditors, file affidavits and paperwork and disperse estate assets. However, completing the probate process can take a year or longer if any complications or disputes arise.

Another factor impacting how long probate takes is how quickly one files for probate after death. Washington has no specific timeline if there isn’t a will. However, if there is a will, you must file it within 40 days of the individual’s death. It is also essential to choose the correct court, as you must file with the Superior Court in the county where the decedent resided at the time of death.

What Happens If Someone Dies Without a Will in Washington?

Washington follows intestate succession laws, which dictate who gets someone’s assets if they die without a will.

For example, if a married decedent had no will, the assets their spouse receives will depend on whether they owned their property as a separate or community property. If they owned community property, the property would pass directly to the spouse, while any non-community assets would need to undergo the probate process. Though the state of Washington does not have an inheritance tax, residents are subject to an estate tax, which may impact the total amount of money their descendants receive.

Delays to Your Inheritance in Washington

The key problem with the process of probate in Washington is that it takes an extremely long time from start to finish. While probate in Washington is in process, heirs are not able to access the money their loved one wanted them to have. To make matters worse, the average estate in the US takes a full year and a half to finally distribute the inheritance money to the heirs. This fact is shocking to most heirs in Washington and elsewhere who are understandably unfamiliar with the process. Having a rightful inheritance blocked for years by a legal process can prove very frustrating.

Access Your Inheritance in Washington Immediately

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