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As an heir, you deserve to have your inheritance money available to you without going through the challenges of the probate process in Idaho. At Inheritance Funding, we’ll help you collect your cash quickly and painlessly while avoiding Probate Court. You can trust our outstanding reputation and advanced industry knowledge to serve you.

How Long Does Probate Take in Idaho?

When your loved one leaves behind an inheritance, you must go through Idaho probate before collecting your share. Probate Court then settles the decedent’s, or the person who has died’s, estate and legally distributes their assets to the appropriate heirs. A probate court can also validate a will, which means filing with the county court after the estate owner’s death.

However, Probate Court proceedings often undergo many setbacks and delays that prevent inheritors from receiving their money promptly, forcing them to wait months to years for the estate to finally settle.

Several factors may impact the length of time a probate case takes in Idaho. Delays — such as disputes or relatives contesting the will — may pause the Idaho probate process until you reach a resolution. Creditors also have four months to present their claims, and there is a special provision that allows the court to accept claims up the three years after the person dies.

Many heirs go into the probate process expecting a relatively smooth transition, but in reality, probate is highly complicated and drawn-out.

How to Avoid Probate in Idaho

One way to avoid probate in Idaho is placing all assets into a living trust to pass them to the beneficiary when the person dies. There is no need for probate for assets owned jointly.

If there is no real property and the estate’s value is below $100,000, the heir can use an affidavit or written statement authorizing a claim to assets and a copy of the death certificate to transfer ownership of the assets. After a 30-day waiting period, the heir can claim the assets.

An individual can also designate a beneficiary to assets such as a bank account or life insurance policy upon their death.

How Long Do You Have to File Probate After Death in Idaho?

According to the Uniform Probate Code, there is no deadline for filing the will after a person’s death. However, the general expectation is for the individual in custody of the will to file within a reasonable time to ensure the Idaho probate process is as quick as possible. If the individual in possession of the will does not provide the will after a court order, they are in contempt of the court per Title 15-2-902.

What Happens if Someone Dies Without a Will in Idaho?

When an individual dies without a will in Idaho, the court will appoint an adult child or surviving spouse as the executor. The executor must protect the individual’s property and use it to pay any outstanding taxes and debts and then transfer the remaining assets to the heirs.

Does Idaho Have an Inheritance or Estate Tax?

Idaho does not have an estate or inheritance tax. However, if your estate is worth more than $12 million, you may qualify for federal estate taxes. It’s essential to remember that if you inherit property from another state, it may be subject to that state’s specific inheritance or estate tax.

Spouses in Idaho Inheritance Law

Suppose an individual dies in Idaho and has a spouse but no will. In that case, the amount the spouse inherits depends on how much of the individual’s property was community property and how much was separate property. Community property refers to any assets you purchase with your spouse during your marriage, while separate property is any asset the decedent acquires before their marriage.

A spouse will inherit all assets if the individual dies without parents or descendants. However, if an individual has surviving parents or other heirs, the spouse will inherit all the community property and half of the separate property. The decedent’s parents or children will inherit the other half of the separate property.

How Can You Access Cash From Your Idaho Inheritance Sooner?

The passing of a loved one is hard enough to deal with on its own — you shouldn’t have to experience the frustration of Idaho probate, too. Luckily, there is one way you can access your inheritance without waiting for the probate process to end.

IFC offers probate cash advances to help you collect and use your inheritance money instantly. Our easy process makes getting probate advances in Idaho as fast and effortless as possible. We’ll start by asking for some basic information about your inheritance, including the amount of money you want to access. Then, we’ll give you a few simple forms to fill out before we send you cash within the same day.

IFC Offers Inheritance Advances Throughout Idaho

We’re here to help you obtain the money you deserve, no matter where you’re located. IFC covers heirs from all over Idaho, including:

  • Canyon County
  • Ada County
  • Bannock County
  • Bingham County
  • Kootenai County
  • Twin Falls County
  • Bonneville County
  • Latah County
  • Bonner County
  • & ALL other counties!

Our Simple Probate Advance Process

By now, you’ve probably realized just how long and complex Idaho’s probate process actually is. However, you can skip the waiting time and access your cash immediately through IFC’s simple four-step inheritance advance process. This process begins with a free consultation and ends with an immediate payout.

We rise above the competition by offering these customer benefits:

  • The ability to use your inheritance right away: You can use your computer or mobile phone to complete the process in as little as 24 hours.
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  • No unexpected payments: You’ll never have to pay unexpected expenses, and your advance will not impact other heirs.
  • Money for what you need: You can use your inheritance money on anything you want.
  • No income or credit checks: We won’t judge you based on your income, employment history or credit score.
  • Zero responsibility for repayment: Unlike with a loan, you don’t bear the responsibility for repayment.

Avoid Idaho Probate With Cash Advances at IFC

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