Can I Get My Inheritance Cash Early?

get inheritance cash early

If one of your loved ones recently passed away, you may have an inheritance. Before you can receive your inheritance, it may have to go through probate court. If your family member’s estate is simple and small, you may receive your inheritance fast. If there is a will, it’s possible you can disperse the money and avoid probate. Some states also set limits on an estate’s worth that allow heirs to avoid probate court.

In many cases, however, you must complete the formal probate process before you can receive your portion of the estate. Due to the lengthy probate process, on average, heirs wait years to receive inheritance money after their loved one passes. This is why many heirs seek to receive a portion of their inheritance early while waiting for the probate process to be completed.

Can I Get My Inheritance Cash Early?

Yes, it may be possible to get a portion of your inheritance cash early after one of your family members passes away. If you will be receiving an inheritance, a cash advance can be the easiest and fastest way to receive your money. Typically, you must be receiving a minimum amount from your inheritance to be eligible for an inheritance cash advance. This minimum amount varies from company to company. The amount you expect to receive from your inheritance may impact which company is the right choice for you.

To receive a portion of your inheritance early, you can fill out an application for an inheritance cash advance. You will provide documentation that proves you are an heir of the estate and want to sell your share of the inherited property. This application is typically a fast and simple form to fill out. The decision for approval is not based on your personal data but based on your inheritance. Since your credit history and employment does not impact your chances of approval, you may be more likely to be approved.

Your application will need to be reviewed by the inheritance cash advance company so they can verify your inheritance before approving your request. To get the final details, your inheritance advance company will work with the administrator to determine the distribution timeline, as this can affect fees and anticipated risks associated with the inheritance.

After the company receives your information, you will either be approved or denied for an inheritance advance. This is usually a quick process and you may have your answer within days. The company will write up your terms and present your offer, which you can accept or reject. After you are approved, the money will soon be deposited into your account. You can spend it as you wish with no limitations and no required reporting.

How Can I Get My Inheritance Money Now?

Fortunately, you may be able to receive an early inheritance by applying for an inheritance cash advance at Inheritance Funding. When you receive a cash advance, you can take the complexity and stress out of an inheritance. We can help you get the cash you seek through a simple, four-step process that lets you skip the risks of depending on probate court to get the money you rightfully deserve.

four steps to get inheritance early

To get your inheritance money now, follow the four steps of our simple inheritance advance process:

  1. Free consultation: To start the process, you will have a consultation with one of our team members who can answer any of your questions, including those about the inheritance cash advance process and the costs.
  2. Estate review: Next, we will collect and review the essential documents of the process. This will allow us to confirm the estate includes enough cash for us to assist you.
  3. Funding: After your advance is confirmed and approved, we will wire the cash directly to your account.
  4. Payout: Once your loved one’s estate is settled, we will be paid from part of your share and you will receive the remaining cash.

We have specialized in inheritance cash advances for more than 25 years. We’ve assisted heirs across the nation by advancing more than $280 million of inheritance cash at the lowest available price, and we can offer the same assistance to you.

Benefits of Using Inheritance Funding to Get an Advance Today

At IFC, we can help you receive your inheritance money through cash advances in just 24 hours. When you choose Inheritance Funding, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • 100% secure: We keep your private information 100% secure, so you can trust your data will be safe.
  • Fast, simple process: With Inheritance Funding, you can receive your cash advance right away. When you transfer your documents and forms electronically, you can receive your money the same day you are approved.
  • Use your money how you want: Our inheritance cash advances allow you to use your money as you wish. These advances can be used to make a mortgage payment, finance a car, cover costly medical bills or pay off other existing debts — the choice is up to you.
  • Credit and employment are not factors: Your employment status and credit history will not negatively impact your application. In fact, you do not have to repay us directly. Instead, the estate will handle the repayment.
  • No hidden fees: We offer you a quote of a flat fee upfront, and this is all you will ever pay. You will not have to worry about paying late fees, interest charges or hidden costs. Additionally, we offer substantial rebates to clients who repay early.

The probate process can be complex, but when you choose us at Inheritance Funding, we eliminate this complexity. We also offer the lowest prices, allowing you to use your money whenever and however you want. When you apply for an inheritance cash advance at Inheritance Funding, you can enjoy your money immediately.

Apply Now to Receive an Inheritance Advance

At Inheritance Funding, we are the oldest and largest provider of inheritance cash advances. If you are an heir who is looking to receive your inheritance money earlier, we can help you receive a portion of your money immediately to be used as you wish.

We know there are time-sensitive financial obligations like funeral costs to be covered after a loved one passes, and receiving a portion of your inheritance earlier can help cover these expenses. At Inheritance Funding, we can offer you the lowest available price, along with quick and professional service. Apply now to begin the inheritance advance process today.

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