Wyoming Probate | Inheritance Advances in Wyoming

Wyoming’s probate court process is complex and often takes months or years to complete. There’s already enough on your plate in the wake of a loved one’s passing — collecting your inheritance should be a simple task. Inheritance Funding is here to help you receive the money your loved one left for you. We’ll wait out the probate process so you don’t have to. Apply today to receive instant cash for your inheritance.

Probate Process In Wyoming

The Wyoming probate process serves a vital purpose. When a Wyoming resident dies, the state’s probate courts oversee the distribution of all assets and belongings left behind. They first appoint a representative to control the estate. The person in charge of the estate collects and itemizes all assets and monetary accounts. Then, they pay off all outstanding debts and determine the validity of any existing wills. When the court is satisfied that all other steps have been completed, they authorize the distribution of inheritance funds to the rightful heirs.

Is Probate Required in Wyoming?

Yes, probate is a legal requirement in Wyoming in most cases. The estate must close before any heir can collect their inheritance.

How Do You Avoid Probate in Wyoming?

While probate puts a barrier between you and the money your loved one wanted you to have, there are ways to bypass the tedious process. The most common way to avoid probate is establishing a living trust with a named beneficiary. The inheritance will fall to the trustee when the estate owner passes away.

However, many individuals pass away without a living trust, especially in the case of an untimely death. Fortunately, avoiding probate is possible without a living trust.

At Inheritance Funding, we can free you from the probate process by providing an inheritance advance in exchange for a portion of the money left for you. You’ll receive instant cash that you can use to pay your bills, improve your home, take a vacation or do whatever you want with the money left to you.

How Long Do You Have to File Probate After Death in Wyoming?

In Wyoming, a probate court will name an estate executor after a person passes without a will or a living trust. The executor must begin the probate process within 30 days of learning that the estate owner passed away. If they fail to file within 30 days, the court may establish a new executor.

How Long Does Probate Take in Wyoming?

Wyoming’s probate process is complicated. You can expect to wait months to a year before the estate closes. In some cases, the probate process can even last multiple years. All the while, you’ll be without the money that your loved one wanted you to have after their passing.

What Happens If Someone Dies Without a Will in Wyoming?

If a person from Wyoming dies without a will, any assets subject to probate will pass to the closest relative as determined by Wyoming’s intestate succession laws. Here is how Wyoming will distribute an estate:

  • When there are children but no spouse: The children inherit all assets.
  • When there is a spouse but no children: The spouse inherits all assets.
  • When a spouse and children survive the deceased: The spouse inherits half of the property while the children split the second half.
  • When parents or siblings survive the deceased, who has no spouse or children: All parties inherit equal proportions of the estate.

Does Wyoming Have an Inheritance or Estate Tax?

Wyoming does not charge an estate tax, though the estate may be subject to federal estate tax.

Delays To Your Inheritance In Wyoming

The key problem with the Wyoming probate process is that it takes an extremely long time from start to finish. During the probate process, heirs are not able to access the money their loved one wanted them to have. To make matters worse, the average estate in the US takes a full year and a half to finally distribute the inheritance money to the heirs. This fact is shocking to most heirs in Wyoming and elsewhere who are understandably new to the process. Having a rightful inheritance blocked for years by a legal process can prove very frustrating.

Access Your Inheritance In Wyoming Immediately

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