What Documents Do I Need to Get an Inheritance Advance?

The process of receiving an inheritance begins at a time when you may have many responsibilities on your mind. Inherited money can help you offset costs and provide for your loved ones. However, some estates may be stuck in probate for years, preventing you from collecting your inheritance. How do you get your inheritance money in a timely manner? If you have the proper documentation for an inheritance advance, IFC can help.

Our experts know what inheritance advance paperwork is necessary, and we can help you secure your money immediately.

What Is an Inheritance Cash Advance?

An inheritance cash advance offers you early access to money you will receive from your inheritance without waiting for the estate to close. An advance carries none of the risks of a loan because it has no interest fees, collateral personal liability. You are advanced a portion of what you’ll eventually be paid from the estate, and approval is never based on a credit score.

It can take up to two years for an estate to get settled in the courts. During that time, you may experience further delays based on the estate’s size and the closing’s complexity.

How to Get an Inheritance Money Advance

To secure an inheritance advance, you’ll need documents to prove that you are who you say you are and establish your claim to the inheritance money. Inheritance advance paperwork may include:

  • The death certificate for the person whose will you are named in.
  • A copy of the legal will, if such a document is available.
  • A document from the estate executor or administrator explaining who they are and their relation to the estate.
  • A second document from the executor or administrator that outlines the amount you will inherit.
  • A confirming document that explains who was named the estate administrator or executor.

You’ll also need a photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, and a verifiable Social Security number. If you can produce your original SSN card, that is even better. Aside from these general requirements, every estate is unique, and so is the process for getting an advance. Some cases may require additional documents, including:

  • Letters of administration
  • Notice to creditors
  • Inventory sheet
  • Petition for probate

Gathering your documentation for inheritance advances can be complex. If you’re uncertain about which documents you need, just contact your advance provider. They can give you more specific information about what you need to provide and what you don’t need to worry about. At Inheritance Funding, our experts are always happy to discuss your inheritance and help you determine what paperwork is necessary to get your money immediately.

Get More Information About Inheritance Advances

Getting your money when you need it can decrease your stress levels during a challenging period. Learn more about how inheritance advances work, then contact us to ask questions about your situation.

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