Stop waiting for your inheritance.

Enjoy it now.

Bad news

Probate Takes Forever

You have an inheritance coming from a loved one but opening the estate is just the beginning. On average, it will take more than a year and a half to receive your money.

Good news

You Don't Have To Wait!

Our Inheritance Cash Advances help heirs like you receive a portion of their inheritance payout in as little as a day. We then wait and are paid directly out of their share when the estate finally closes.

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Benefits of Inheritance Advances

Fast and easy process

Receive your money in as little as 24 hours. Transfer forms and documents electronically and receive funds the same day you're approved.

Zero hidden fees

We quote you a flat fee up front that's all you'll ever pay. You’ll never incur interest charges, late fees, or any other hidden costs. We even offer substantial rebates for early repayment.

Credit not an issue

Unlike traditional loans, your credit history and employment status are never an issue. You don't even pay us back directly - the estate takes care of that directly.

Use it how YOU want

We don’t dictate how you spend your money. Our cash advances are perfect for paying off existing debts, making a mortgage payment, financing a car, covering expensive medical bills - you decide!

A Company You Can Trust

25+ years

Specialized in Inheritance Advances for over 25 years


We work with heirs all over the country

$200+ million

Over $200 million advanced to heirs

A+ BBB Rating

Trusted BBB member with an A+ rating

Lowest price

Guaranteed lowest price available

100% secure

Your privacy and information are 100% secure

Testimonials From Our Clients

My Funding Officer was very helpful and courteous. He wasn't high pressure at all which was very important. I was very impressed how fast I received my funds. Thank you!

Eric P., Idaho

Everyone I talked to at IFC was very kind and helpful. A cousin who had worked with IFC before referred me and I am so thankful. You guys offer an excellent service for anyone!

Mark T., Tennessee

Thank you IFC! I loved how quickly I received my advance and especially appreciated the incredible service I received from my Funding Officer Mike!

Rachel B., California