Probate Advance Costs & Facts

IFC offers inheritance cash advances to heirs of probate estates. Our cash advance on inheritance funds are not loans. We will never charge an interest rate or require a payment schedule of any kind. This means credit history and income are truly not a problem!

When you receive a probate advance, you simply assign a portion of your future inheritance to IFC when it’s finally ready to distribute. Once you apply and receive your money from us, your work is essentially done! We then work directly with the court, probate attorney and Personal Representatives of the estate to collect our funds directly. The fact is, with a probate advance, you can receive inheritance cash in as little as three days instead of several months or even years.

The dollar figure for the cost of a probate advance depends on a number of factors with the particular estate. The complexity of your inheritance, whether or not real estate is involved, and how long we think it will take for the court to distribute your inheritance and pay us back all play important roles in reaching our lowest available fee.

In most cases, IFC assumes that in a worst case scenario, it will take about a year for the probate court to pay us back. If your inheritance takes longer than we estimate to distribute, the cost will NEVER go up. Unlike other loans out there, our advance cost of probate is set in stone. Even better, if probate is completed and we are paid back faster than we assumed, you will likely qualify for a substantial early pay-off rebate! Your dedicated Funding Officer will explain all possible rebates in detail before you agree to anything.

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