Connecticut Probate

Connecticut Probate Process

When a resident of Connecticut dies, it’s up to the Connecticut Probate court to handle lawful the transfer of assets and belongings. The CT probate court’s job is to oversee the collection of all assets, valuables, goods and other belongings, identify and pay off any outstanding debts, verify the validity of any wills, and distribute the assets of the estate to the rightful heirs.

Delays to Your Inheritance in Connecticut

Probate in Connecticut, and other states, is a necessary and valuable process, there is one major downfall that plagues it: time. The average estate going through probate in the US takes an entire year and a half to distribute the inheritance to the heirs. During this time, heirs are simply left waiting; banks and other lenders will not lend to Connecticut heirs based on a future inheritance.

Access your Inheritance in Connecticut Immediately!

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