Waiting for your inheritance to pay out? You don’t have to! With an inheritance cash advance, you can use a portion of your inheritance right away, when you need it the most.
Guide to Inheritance Cash Advances
Most heirs don’t realize the average inheritance takes more than a year and a half to complete the probate court process and distribute money to the heirs. If you are an heir and need an inheritance loan right away, an inheritance advance from IFC is the fastest and easiest way to access your money right away.
Avoid the Inheritance Waiting Game
If you're tired of waiting for your inheritance distribution, you'll love our probate cash advances. You can receive anywhere from $5,000 to $250,000 in as little as 3 days. Unlike a loan, our cash advances have no interest fees, no collateral needed, and approval isn't dependent on your credit score or income. Simply put, an inheritance cash advance is the fastest and easiest way for you to receive and use a portion of your inheritance money right away.
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Well over $100 million dollars advanced to heirs
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  • My Funding Officer was extremely knowledgeable and friendly! The entire process was simple and painless.

    — Cheryl M.
  • Everyone I talked to at IFC was very kind and helpful. A cousin who had worked with IFC before referred me and I am so thankful. You guys offer an excellent service for anyone!

    — Mark T.
  • Thank you IFC! I loved how quickly I received my advance and especially appreciated the incredible service I received from my Funding Officer Mike!

    — Rachel B.
  • My Funding Officer was very helpful and courteous. He wasn’t high pressure at all which was very important. I was very impressed how fast I received my funds. Thank you!

    — Eric P.
  • Your staff has been so professional with me. They always alleviated any concerns I had and IFC’s respect of my confidentiality was very much appreciated!

    — Karen P.
Benefits of a Probate Cash Advance
An inheritance advance from IFC has many advantages over a traditional loan. Unlike other inheritance lenders, there is no interest to pay back. We simply purchase a set dollar amount of your eventual inheritance up front, wire your money to you in a few days, and then wait for the estate to close so we can be paid the amount owed to us. Our dedicated Funding Officers will be happy to walk you through our simple process every step of the way. Also unlike a traditional inheritance loan, we will never require you to sign over your entire inheritance. YOU DECIDE how much you would like to receive right away with your inheritance advance. If you would like to catch up on a few minor expenses, you may consider a $5,000 advance to get your started. If you have larger debts or expenses, you can ask for as much as $250,000. Either way, the process is fast and easy and you’re in control. This is just a few of the benefits of an inheritance cash advance. For a more complete breakdown, check out our video here!
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